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Happy Birthday to Us!
By Chris,By Julie

Happy Birthday Completionist.com!

On this, the anniversary of our blogging birth, we’d like to take a minute to thank you, our readers, for… well, reading.  While our dedication to updating has been, at times, inconsistent, you’ve always stuck with us.  You’ve been there for reviews of games that came out over a year ago,  you’ve been there through bizarre posts featuring pictures of David Bowie,  you’ve been there through more than a few angry Julie rants, but most of all, you’ve just been there, and we thank you.  Every time one of you comments on something we’ve written it gives us the drive to keep on going.

On March 10th of last year, we hit the ground running with four articles in our first week.  (As a sign of things to come, two of those posts were about a game that had been out since the previous year.)  The next week we set a record with five posts, and since then we’ve been on-again off-again with our commitment level, but with almost 80 posts to date, that puts us at an average of 6-7 posts per month.  Not too shabby for a couple of schmucks who have to work real jobs.

So, in case you missed a few, here are our favourites:

Best Post by Julie:

Julie says: I guess the post I am the most proud of was one of the first ones I ever wrote.  Although, there are a few others that I thought were pretty good as well.

Chris says: Julie has written some thought provoking articles, some in-depth reviews and recalled some really fun days of gaming.  Still, I agree her crowning achievement is, hands down, a little love letter she wrote, albeit not to me.

Best Post by Chris:

Julie says: I know this one was pretty recent, but for me it wins best Chris post hands down.  Honourable mentions go to these two.

Chris says:  There are a few articles I look back on with fondness.  I agree with Julie that this largely ignored post is one of my favourites but I also enjoy this post for the memories it brings back and this post for it’s cool banner.  I am most proud of this post since I actually tried to use journalistic techniques to get answers to my questions.  I failed miserably.

Best Two Cents by Julie:

Julie says: Looking through posts for this, I noticed that a lot of the time my “two-cents” is really more like a second post tacked onto Chris’.  Oops.  My two favourites are this one and this one.

Chris says:  Yeah, as Julie mentioned, her two cents are sometimes a little lengthy to be considered just two cents.  In other cases, her two cents would appear, instead, as a comment.  Still, the funniest one for me is this succinct gem.

Best Two Cents by Chris:

Julie says: Chris is much more succinct than I am in the two-cents realm.  I like these two a lot, and this one makes me laugh, possibly because it has the word “toilet” in it.  I am a child like that.

Chris says:  Most of the time, I just like to use my two cents to point out how angry or worked up Julie got while writing her post.  Sometimes, I like to use to it to predict the future.  That right, it’s not going to be called “Rock Band: The Beatles”, it’s going to be called “The Beatles: Rock Band”.  Nice work!

So there you have it.  One year of completioinst.com completed.  Who knows how many more articles there will be?  With annual revenues in the ballpark of $3.00 and man-hours, annual expenses, and daily spams all in the hundreds, it’s easy to understand why a site like this is able to keep going.  Those kinds of numbers don’t matter, though…what really matters is being happy everytime we login and see that someone has taken the time to comment or when we talk to someone and they mention completionist.com, even if they say it’s terrible.  It really does make it all worth it.

We had a lot of fun going back and reading everything, especially since we had kinda forgotten about a lot of stuff.  We know this was a little link-heavy but hopefully you were able to enjoy some of the old articles too.

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  1. Billy Hudson
    2009-03-14 7:02

    Well done. Here’s to another year! *raises glass*

  2. Prince of Space
    2009-03-15 18:34

    Congratulations on your birthday. Here’s to many more.

  3. Tim
    2009-03-16 13:43

    Grats guys! Keep them posts coming!

  4. kdogoblingbling
    2009-03-17 3:24

    Congrats guys, Julie keep up those angry rants!!

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