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Don’t Judge Me
By Julie

Okay, WoW, I give up.  You win.  I thought I was strong enough to resist your dubious charms, but my resolve was no match for your piles and piles of awesome. If I was still thinking about WoW after not playing for four years, doesn’t that say something?  I think it does.  I think it says that I should be playing again.  So that is what I have done.

I was hanging out with some family on Sunday, and a commercial for WoW featuring Ozzy Osbourne came on.  I’d seen the ad before, but it did get everyone talking about WoW, and how many people they know who play, and it got me thinking… why shouldn’t I be one of those people?  I’m an adult, if I really want to play a game, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed.  The oppressing guilt I’ve felt in the past when I thought about reactivating is just silly.  Fifteen dollars a month seems like a small price to pay for a gaming experience that I’ve always considered to be a cut above everything else.  Sure, it might cut down on some of my other gaming, which might cut into my work on Completionist, but I’m sure Chris will pick up some of the slack.  I’ve avoided playing for the past four years, but after reactivating when I got home on Sunday, I’m not really sure why that is.  At first I suspended my account because I’d actually stopped playing, but later when hit with the urge to get back into it, I resisted.  Why?  No good reason that I can think of.  When we got home Sunday night, I bought Burning Crusade and Lich King online, and after what seemed like endless updates, I was back in the game.

A lot of my friends, and also loyal readers had tried to lure me back before, which may have contributed to my holdout, as I can be kind of childish and stubborn when pushed or pulled a certain way.  However, the main reason I was hesitant to join them was because they play on a PvP server.   I love WoW, but I hate PvP.  What’s a girl to do?  Join a Role-Playing server, that’s what.

Cenarion Circle.  My new home away from home.  I’m still getting back into the swing of things, but my experiences so far make me regret ever playing on a Normal server in the first place.  This is the way WoW was meant to be.  Sure, it’s a little weird at first, but once you get into it, I find it actually enhances the game.  Nobody’s running around yelling out ridiculous things, people are more polite, there’s just a different feeling to it everywhere you go.

I did pop back into my old server for a few minutes, re-skilled my 60 hunter, but then I kind of just wandered around Ironforge, not really knowing what to do.  I was friendless, guildless, and I thought it was time to try something new.  Because I had decided to try out an RP server, I wanted to put more thought into my character choice this time around.  When I thought about reactivating before, I had planned to try Blood Elf, but for my first RP experience, I wanted to play alliance.  My level 60 on Stormrage was a Night Elf Hunter, which I loved, but I wanted something new, and after a little soul searching, I chose a Draenei Shaman.  Zorenica (thanks name generator!) is only level 8 as of right now, but I’m moving at a good pace.  I’m still working on my back story, and I’ll write a post on that, as well as other interesting RP elements, once I get it all figured out.

It’s good to be back.

I can’t say I’m happy about all this.  First off, I don’t understand half the things Julie is talking about in her article…so right off the bat I feel like I’m left out. Why not join as well, you may ask?  I did try WoW once before and it didn’t hook me. With Julie being huddled away for six hours every night, it does make it easier for me to crack open some of my own backlogged games, so I guess it isn’t all bad.

I am mildly concerned about the roleplaying server, though.  If Julie becomes a cosplayer, I’m putting an end to it…and by it I mean our relationship, since I would clearly lose out to WoW.
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  1. Prince of Space
    2009-04-01 22:19

    Yay! I dabbled with WoW a little myself before finally giving it most of my attention last summer, and the big secret about my return to the game after not clicking with it past level 25 was the fact that I too joined an RP server. I had a lot of fun making up a silly backstory for my Troll Hunter (simple fisherman dragged into the conflict after his younger brother enlists) and I found the people around a lot easier to deal with. Makes a huge difference in the game, so much so that I worked my way to level 61 in a few months of multi-tasking play (I don’t know if you’re playing on a laptop, but if so it means you can at least be in the same room as Chris while you’re playing two different games. ;)). Even though I’m not playing anymore – though my lady and I are kind of addicted to Ether Saga Online – I completely support this decision. Especially the part about you writing backstory and investing in your character. In other news I recently picked up the starter “learn-to-play” kit for D&D Fourth Edition, which could turn into a fine evening of adventuring and cocktails. I know Chris would love to DM. Yes no? :)

  2. NotSoMuch
    2009-04-02 17:32

    Dude, j00lie would make a good cosplayer. I wouldn’t get too upset.

  3. NotSoMuch
    2009-04-02 17:41

    Also, I am having mixed feelings about you going back j00lie. On one hand, I was (cancelled for the spring/summer) back to playing Wow with my wife. On the other hand, RP server? LAAAME.

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