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Chocolate Gaming 2
By Julie

Ah, long weekends.  The perfect excuse to hunker down in your basement and get some serious gaming done.  Unfortunately,we will have to emerge from our cocoon a few times this weekend to visit family, blah blah blah.  But the remainder of the time, we’ll be getting our game on.

Since today is the only full day we are completely unencumbered by familial obligations, we’ve decided this is a great opportunity to put in some serious time with Civilization Colonization.  We’ve been playing for a few hours, and I already like it better than Civ IV.  Less wars, more resource management.  I’m sure we’ll write a review sometime in the future, but as of now, I’m giving it thumbs up.

We haven’t quite decided what our next console game will be, but we’ll probably have to figure it out this weekend sometime.  I’m pulling for either Little Big Planet, which we played around with but never really got into, or maybe something that’s been laying around forgotten for a really long time like Soul Calibur Legends.  We shall see.   It could end up that Chris plays Gears of War 2 while I crack open Puzzle Quest Galactrix.  All roads lay open before us.

Happy Long Weekend everyone.
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  1. KD
    2009-04-11 22:06

    As one of your cumbersome familial obligations, I can’t tell you how much this article touched me.

    Have fun gaming! And I’ll see you tomorrow, I can tell you can’t wait!

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