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Game Over?
By Chris

It doesn’t take a Genius McRocketscientist to realize that I have been slightly derelict in my duties of writing for this site.  That sentence almost makes it sound like I’ve been writing for some other site.  I haven’t.  In fact, I can’t think of a lot of the specific things that have kept me from writing a new post for the last, oh, three and a half months.  Wow.  I’m a jerk.

To be honest, I haven’t been playing a lot of games in that span, as The Queue will attest to.  With summer upon us it just seems like there’s not enough time in the day to enjoy the sun and then retreat to the cool darkness of the Completionist World HQ to get in a little time with some vids.  Add to that the fact that there’s now a third member of the Completionist staff kicking around, albeit of the four legged variety, and free time seems to be at an all-time premium.

Julie has been a trooper, though…mostly.  She had a goal to write a new article every single week and kept that streak up for quite a long time.  Lately however, even she has found it hard to write about games since neither of us have been playing anything.  Ultimately, even she found that she just didn’t have it in her to write another Top 10 List or memory of games gone by.  Eventually she grew so frustrated with my lack of contribution that she layed down the gauntlet: write an article or shut down the site.

So, where does that leave us?  I’m not sure.  Obviously, I don’t want the site to shut down.  Also, we have been playing a few games lately.  We just finished Galactrix and I’m currently playing Valkyria Chronicles while I’m home on vacation so gaming seems to be slowly creeping its way back into our lives.

Another problem I found was that, once I hadn’t written anything in a month or so, I felt like I had to come back with something epic.  I started a couple posts only to abandon them feeling that they were insufficient in quality for my triumphant return.  I felt as though I needed to bring something really outstanding to the site and I just couldn’t come up with anything.  Julie’s kick in the ass has at least forced me to put pen to paper (or in reality, fingers to keyboard) and now that I finally put something up again I can keep the trend going and feel free to put out the usual garbage that I fill the site with.

Finally, the games industry hasn’t exactly been on fire lately.  In June, game sales had their biggest year-over-year drop since 2000.  I’ve kept up with the news before, during and after E3 and to be honest, there’s not a lot of exciting things going on in the industry right now.  There’s the odd quality title out right now but the real heavy hitters won’t be out for another couple of months, with some pretty major titles like Bioshock 2 and Bayonetta moving to 2010 to avoid the holiday madness.

So, while this post has some emo overtones, hopefully it will rejuvenate me and rekindle a little spark in the site.  To be honest, some of it will depend on how you, our readers, react…if there are any of you left.  We haven’t given you a lot lately but hopefully you’ve stuck around to see what’s coming.  Here’s hoping you’re still out there…

Hurray!  Chris is back!  The internets missed you.   Also, the spambots.  We can’t forget about the spambots.

October 1st last year I made a promise to this site, but more importantly to myself, that I would write one post a week for Completionist, come hell or high water.  With one exception, I kept that up for over eight months.  While I was happy to be contributing so much to the site, I found that I was sometimes forced to publish posts that I wasn’t particularly proud of.  Ask anyone you know who writes, and they’ll tell you that’s not a good feeling.  Over that eight month period, Chris began contributing less and less, and eventually I couldn’t deal with the pressure of carrying the site alone.  Hence the “ultimatum” that I gave him.  I know that guys hate ultimatums, but I also know that the interweb hates Top 5 lists.

The break that I’ve taken over the past two months has been refreshing, but despite my “ass kick” to Chris, I never really wanted the site to shut down.  I love writing for Completionist.  However, since this is something that I do for fun, I never again want to be stressing about reaching some arbitrary deadline that I’ve set for myself in my head.  I only want to publish quality posts, and only when I have something to write about.  I feel that’s the most fair way to treat the readers, and also myself.  I still plan on posting often, but I’m not going to force an article just to get one out per week. Quality over quantity, isn’t that what they say?

As motivation it would mean a lot to us, if you’re reading this, if you left a comment below to let us know we still have readers out there somewhere.  It can be pretty disheartening to post something you’re proud of and then not know if anyone even saw it.  Just a quick “keep it up!”, “you can do it!”, “glad you’re back!”, or “you guys suck!” would do the trick.  Though if you are here, even if you don’t want to leave a comment, we thank you for sticking with us, and appreciate your business.

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  1. Ben Richards
    2009-07-22 15:38


    I am a long-time lurker, first-time poster. Good to see articles being churned out again by Chris. Look forward to future lunch time reading. Will try to post my comments in the future but will have to wait for the evenings just like this.


  2. Prince of Space
    2009-07-22 18:11

    Some of us are still here. I know I check Completionist every day as part of my gaming site round-up and smile-time variety hour. I haven’t really been replying because I don’t know if you really care to read about how eagerly I anticipated my copy of Impossimole for TG-16 when I was younger and how much I absolutely hated the game once I finally played it. Would kind of tarnish the Top Five TG-16 Games article it would be attached to, no?

    Anyway, I definitely don’t want this site to shut down. Write what you like when you like. I’ll always keep an eye out for new stuff and read it. And don’t feel too badly if something you write isn’t as great or inspired as something you’ve previously written. If baseball played hit a home run every time they stepped up to the plate baseball would get pretty boring pretty quickly. Or, it’d be just like Baseball for NES. So stick with it, guys. There are those of us that still read it. :)

  3. kdogoblingbling
    2009-07-23 11:49

    You guys should definitely keep writing, this is one of like 10 sites not blocked by my work, so if you stop, then what will I have to do at work? Also, Julie I love witty and sarcastic writing style.

  4. d-bear
    2009-07-24 7:26

    Never fear, your readers are still here :) Delays happen, and it’s understood. Keep up the good writes.

  5. Al
    2009-07-24 14:36

    I like read articles

  6. 002OHMSS
    2009-07-27 15:11

    While I may not own a game system or play video games that often, it turns out I like reading abo,ut gaming.
    Besdes, what else am I going to read on the can at work on my BB?

  7. NotSoMuch
    2009-08-07 18:00

    Visit hotgirls.com for hotgirls!

  8. Sue
    2009-08-13 14:12

    Does it count if your mother still reads your articles. I think they are all absolutely brilliant!

  9. 2009-08-14 6:38

    Aw, thanks mom.

  10. KD
    2009-08-24 15:12

    Completionist-comment-stylz = done.

  11. CodeNameReMax
    2009-09-03 22:21

    Buy a house!

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