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Welcome Back
By Chris

Hello friends of completionist.com.  It’s been a while, we know.  Rather than throw a bunch of excuses at you as to why we have been anemic in our posting over the last six months, I’d rather just get down to the business of filling you in as to what we’ve been playing.

Right now, my time is almost completely occupied by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  As with all the other COD games, I forced myself to play through the single player campaigns first, before moving on to the multiplayer part of the game.  The folks at Infinity Ward threw a wrench at me this time by including a section called ‘Special Ops’ into the game.  They are essentially single-goal driven, bite-sized  portions of the larger single player levels.  This delayed my entry into multiplayer even more…tack on the fact that I got the game as a gift for Christmas, over a month after it came out, so I was significantly behind the 8-Ball by the time I finally decided to go online.

The game, as usual, did not disappoint.  Both the single player and multiplayer  portions of the game were immensely enjoyable.  The question becomes: how much longer do I let this game completely monopolize my gaming time.  That’s the hard part about games with such a rich and exhaustive multiplayer component; you can play them endlessly and end up missing out on some other great games in the meantime.

So that’s what I’m up to now.  Honestly, though, the last six months haven’t exactly been banner months for gameplay on our part.  Our queue is starting to look pretty ridiculous…speaking of which, I hope to update it this afternoon.  There are SO many good games that we already have in our collection that we haven’t even touched and there are a lot more coming in the weeks and months ahead.  You should see a few more posts coming over the weeks ahead to fill you in on what we’ve played while we weren’t writing anything but for now it looks like it’s time to get back to business.  The business of playing video games.

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  1. 2010-02-19 13:53

    lol @ banner

  2. Prince of Space
    2010-02-19 20:38

    Your dreams were your ticket out. Welcome back!

  3. TdC
    2010-03-28 10:32

    keep writing biotchez!

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